You may always take certain actions during step 1 of your turn by expending resources (see “Your Turn” on page 8). You might also take additional actions during your turn by playing cards.

Key Terms and Phrases

Some rules and cards use the following terms and phrases:
• Presence . Most actions you take on the game map require you to have Presence where you take the action.
• Enemy . Cards and rules that refer to enemy troops include both white troops and other players’ troops.
• Anywhere on the board.  Whenever this phrase appears, it means you don’t need Presence where you’re told to take the action.

Ending the Game

 The end of the game triggers when one of the following occurs:
• A player deploys his or her last remaining troop.
• When the market deck is empty.
When the end of the game triggers, play proceeds until the end of the round, at which point the game ends.

Final Scoring
 At the end of the game, use the scorepads to tally final VP scores. Each player scores VP as follows:
• The VP value of each site you control.
• 2 VP for each site under your total control.
• 1 VP for each troop in your trophy hall.
• The deck VP value for each card in your deck, hand, and discard pile.
• The inner-circle VP value for each card in your inner circle.
• VP tokens gained during the game.
The player with the most VP at the end of the game wins. If there’s a tie for most, the tied players each win.