The resources in the game are Power and Influence, which you may expend on your turn to take actions. Power and Influence aren’t tracked using game pieces; when you gain them during your turn, you must expend them on that turn or they are lost. You gain Power and Influence primarily from playing your cards.

Power allows you to exert control over the Underdark game map. With Power you can deploy your troops, assassinate enemy troops, and return spies.

Influence allows you to recruit cards from the game board.

Resource Pool
Whenever you are granted Power or Influence, it goes in your resource pool, and you can expend it whenever you like during step 1 of your turn. At the end of your turn, any resources in your pool that you didn’t expend are lost; you can’t carry them over to your next turn.

Sequence of Play
Tyrants of the Underdark™ is played in a sequence of rounds. During a round, each player takes a turn starting with the first player. Play continues clockwise until the game ends.

Gaining VP
Whenever you’re told to gain VP, take unclaimed VP markers equaling that amount and put them in the trophy hall on your playmat.