Ratfang Sewers (72751)
This product in no longer in production.

The underbelly of the city is riddled with dark crawlways and treacherous passages. The locals call this foul network the Ratfang Sewers. Filth and grime abound in these damp tunnels and all manner of disgusting creatures slink about, plotting, scheming and performing vile acts to appease dark powers. This map shows a network of passageways and foul canals, detritus and trash litter the floors of side tunnels and antechambers. Gates and grates divide sections of the network and protect one large chamber that has been re-purposed as the lair of a wicked denizen.

This high-quality vinyl surface is ideal for staging encounters during your adventures! The mat lies flat for ease of play and is sold in sturdy polycarbonate tube for easy storage and transport. The mat may be marked with WET-ERASE markers to temporarily alter terrain areas or make other notes about battlefield conditions during play. The Game Mat measure 20” x 30” and is marked with a 1” grid.