Illithid Raiding Party (71002)
The Illithid Raiding Party box set is no longer for sale
You can purchase each of the individual figures from the online store here:
Intellect Devourer (71002-1)...
Gnoll Warrior (71002-2)...
Illithid Mage (71002-3)...
Illithid Warrior (71002-4)...
Duergar Warrior (71002-5)...
The ultimate megalomaniacs, mind flayers use their ability to enslave minds to play puppeteer to countless thralls while they feast on the brains of less useful creatures. Their goal is nothing short of world domination.
Illithid Raiding Party (71002)

Contains 5 unpainted, resin figures:

1x Illithid Warrior Frame; 1x Illithid Mage Frame; 1x Duergar Warrior Frame; 1x Gnoll Warrior Frame; 1x Intellect Devourer Frame; 1x Bases Frame.

Sculpted by Clavier Grégory and Giorgio Bassani
Painted by Matt Parkes

Illithid Raiding Party (71002)
Illithid Raiding Party (71002)
Illithid Raiding Party (71002)