Drow War Party (71001)
The Drow War Party box set is no longer for sale
You can purchase each of the individual figures from the online store here:
Drow Warrior (71001-1)...
Drow Priestess(71001-2)...
Drow Mage (71001-3)...
Drow Archer (71001-4)...
Drow Rogue (71001-5)...
Drow are consummate assassins and raiders. Their attacks on surface settlements leave few alive. Deep within the Underdark, drow cities boil over with manipulation and betrayal. The drow would be a potentially overwhelming force to surface-dwellers if they could stop fighting each other long enough to unify.
Drow War Party (71001)

Contains 5 unpainted, resin figures:

1x Illithid Warrior Frame; 1x Illithid Mage Frame; 1x Duergar Warrior Frame; 1x Gnoll Warrior Frame; 1x Intellect Devourer Frame; 1x Bases Frame.

Sculpted by Clavier Grégory and Giorgio Bassani
Painted by Matt Parkes

Drow War Party (71001)
Drow War Party (71001)
Drow War Party (71001)