Water Myrmidon Painting Guide

With the water Myrmidon thoroughly cleaned up, I have given it an aerosol coat of mid-grey primer, this colour will pick up any imperfections or missed mould-lines.

I generally begin with the largest or the most difficult area to paint on a model, in this case getting the water colours correct was a good place to start.

A basecoat of Periscope Blue 309 was applied over all the water parts.

To recreate the water effects, I have used wet-blending from one colour to another. This is using very thin coats of paint and gradually building up the layers, leaving a smooth transition which forms the shadows. I needed to keep the high pigments, so I moved to Scale 75 paints, which have a very dense colour even when thinned down with water.

The next blue paint in the Scale 75 sequence is Adriatic Blue; I used this as a mid-tone colour in preparation for the highlights. You can see from the image the different depths of the shadows now this lighter paint is applied, causing a greater contrast.

This light blue from Citadel is a perfect lighter tone to start the highlights.

These two photos are interesting as they show the highlighting technique I have used. I started with the final white edge highlight with normal paint consistency and then filled the shapes in, with a thinner paint mix creating the blend of light blue to white.

With more layers of white applied, the contrast begins to really stand out, especially after the black undercoat for the armour.


Keeping with the blue theme, I have chosen an unusual metallic colour for the basecoat, Gunmetal Blue.

The highlights for the armour are lighter silver in a 50/50 mix, followed by pure silver for the final highlight.

Inevitably some of the blue effect is lost with the silver highlights, so introducing dark and mid blue ink washes adds a subtle blue finish.


I wanted a contrasting metallic colour for the trident and decided to paint this weapon separately, starting with a dark silver base and then adding shadows with black and dark green ink washes, followed by the normal silver highlights.


Gloss finish

With all the parts painted, the last stage is to spray the Myrmidon with mat varnish to seal everything and then hand paint three coats of the gloss varnish on all the water parts. Painting these three layers gives a very high gloss shine.

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