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Graz’zt painting guide


With the components cleaned up and attached to their individual stands, they are then sprayed with a mid-grey primer. Any more imperfections can easily be seen at this point and any further cleaning completed.

Colour palette

Regardless of what paint brand you use, the overall palette for Graz’zt is a dark, rich colour scheme of midnight blue, deep purple and black. This reflects the ostentatious dress-sense of Graz’zt and his decadent nature.


Skin tone

I generally start painting the largest part on the model; in this case it is his dark blue skin. The basecoat is a 50/50 mix of black and dark blue to provide the basis of the shadows and then painting lighter tones of blue to build up to the final highlights and then ink washes to add richness and tone down the stark highlights.



Adding the finger and toenails in an off-white colour gives a contrast to the dark colour scheme and makes the details stand out.

Greatsword “Angdrelve”


With the curved blade of the greatsword, it gives the opportunity to add contrasting silver tones to represent the shadows on the blade. Starting with a dark silver basecoat and working up through the lighter silver colours. The final contrasting shadows are finished at the end with multiple ink washes.

At the same time, I have painted the silver belt details, chain and the skull brooch.

With the overall colour scheme bias towards the cold blue end of the spectrum, I have added a much needed dark red colour scheme to his cloth around this arm; this brings warmth to the miniature.

Leather ‘kilt’ loincloth

Leaving the black as the shade colour and using dark grey as the highlights. This method of sharp highlights picks out the details and separate parts of the loincloth.

The gold studs act as another contrast to this area.


Dark purple patterns

I have purposely left this area plain black at the moment, as any mistakes or touching up required by the pattern can easily be painted over. The highlights for this area are left till after the pattern is finished and tidied up.

Neutral items

These are belts and other accessories, so as not to interfere with the colour scheme; I have painted the belt mid-brown.



The base is the largest area which provides an contrast to the blue and black tones. Starting with a dark warm grey colour, it is drybrushed with successive lighter grey tones and then highlighted with a sharp light grey.

Final stages- Eyes

Painting the eyes in with a light grey provides a good light base colour for the green to go on afterwards. This will give the green a brighter finish and make it really stand out.

Black Six-fingered hand motif

With this motif being black, it needs a strong highlight around the symbol to make it stand out on the body, for this I have used Steel Grey, the original final skin highlight.

The finished miniature