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Zuggtmoy painting guide

With the components cleaned up and attached to their individual stands, they are then sprayed with a mid-grey primer. Any more imperfections can easily be seen at this point and any further cleaning completed.

Colour palette

Regardless of what paint brand you use, the overall palette for Zuggtmoy are dark yellow, deep red and warm grey.

With this model, I have started painting from the inside outwards, the delicate fungal-frills. This allows the paintbrush to get into all the corners without having to concern myself with making any mistakes on the outer surfaces.


Head carapace and ribcage


The arms are a more orange tone of yellow, which is blended back into the upper-arm colour. A sand colour ink wash is added near the end of this process to add richness.



Chicken-in-the–woods fungi


Fungal cloak

Using a 50/50 mix of dark red and black basecoat provides a frame for the central details. Burnt Cadmium Red is applied over the basecoat as the main contrasting colour, and then highlighted with lighter tones of red and flesh tones.

A dark red ink wash is applied to tone down the stark flesh highlights.


A 75/25 mix of brown and warm grey provides the organic basecoat colour. The tentacles are then painted in flesh tones for an unpleasant appearance.


Body tube

Warm greys are used on the section, as they complement the reds and fleshy colours. I have blended the two colours together with a line texture.


These spores appear all over Zuggtmoy and are useful in hiding any mistakes and add a more organic feel to the model.


Underdark base

The warm grey theme is repeated here with sharp highlights bringing out he rock details.

The finished miniature