Gar Shatterkeel & Priest (71041)

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Dour and morose, Gar Shatterkeel is the water prophet of Elemental Evil, and the leader of the Crushing Wave cult. He is embittered by a life of suffering at the hands of others—pirates killed his family when he was young, he was forced into servitude aboard a merchant ship, and then another band of pirates left him to die on the open sea, where he lost his arm to a shark. Gar has come to hate all humankind, and sees the elemental power of water as the only thing of value in his life.

Contains 2 unpainted, unassembled resin figures.

Scuplted by Georgio Bassani

Aerisi Kalinoth & Air Priest (71043)

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Aerisi Kalinoth is the air prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye and leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred. Tall and slender, with dark hair and (illusory) dark-feathered wings that gently fan the air, Aerisi Kalinoth speaks to her people in a whisper that belies her violent temper—a temper that reveals itself whenever she is denied.

Contains 2 unpainted, unassembled resin figures.

Sculpted by Giorgio Bassani

Air Myrmidon (71044)

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Elemental myrmidons are elementals conjured and bound by magic into ritually created suits of plate armor. In this form, they possess no recollection of their former existence as free elementals. They exist only to follow the commands of their creators.

Contains 3 resin parts.

Sculpted by Charles Woods


Red Dragon (71010)

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Often regarded as the archetypal evil dragon, red dragons are arrogant tyrants and see themselves as kings and emperors. They prefer mountainous terrain, badlands, and any other locale where they can perch high and survey their domain. They are also the most covetous of the true dragons, and tirelessly seek to increase their treasure hoard.

Contains 13 resin pieces.

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A Closer Look At The Red Dragon (71010)

This week we take a closer look at the details of the fearsome Red Dragon! 


Naergoth Bladelord & Rath Modar (71036)

Naergoth Bladelord is a wight who commanded the Well of Dragons for centuries before the Cult of the Dragon’s recent takeover. He remains fanatically loyal to Tiamat. Rath Modar, a renegade Red Wizard, has joined forces with the Cult of the Dragon in hopes that his new allies will help him unseat Szass Tam, the lich who commands the Thayan wizards. Contains 2 unpainted, unassembled resin figures.

Remorhaz (71024)


The Remorhaz uses its intense internal heat to burrow through the ice and rock of its arctic home, preying on any creatures it comes across, even giants and dragons. Contains 12 resin pieces.


Elminster Aumar, Human Wizard (71032)

  As the Sundering comes to a close, the dark goddess Shar seeks to assume control of the nascent Weave and all magic in the Realms. It is up to Elminster and Storm, the Sage and Bard of Shadowdale, and Chosen of Mystra, to safeguard her divine mantle and set things right. The Elminster Aumar box set is no longer for sale You can purchase each of the individual figures from the online store here: Human Archmage (71032-1)... Human Bard (71032-2)... ...

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Hill Giant (71030)


Dim-witted and bullying, a hill giant lives like a savage. Although brutish by nature, a hill giant possesses more cunning than an ogre. A hill giant might attempt to ape the traditions of a realm it destroys, anointing itself king and demanding a daily tribute of pumpkins and cows. Contains 8 resin pieces.


Kleef Kenric, Human Paladin (71028)

Embittered paladin, Kleef Kenric is one of a new group of Chosen in the Realms who is blessed by his god with divine gifts that make him an excellent ally - and a target for those who seek to corral his powers.  Swept up in a quest to thwart the rise of the goddess of Death, Kleef embarks on a mission with an odd group of allies, including a mysterious short pudgy man exuding a faint odor of decay. Along the way he learns that his allies hide dangerous secrets - secrets that could destroy the very fabric of the Forgotten Realms.

Sculpted by Werner Klocke

1x Kleef Kenric (3x resin pieces)
1x Malik (1x resin pieces)


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